Are you looking for Function Chain Manufacturers? We are a professional Chain Manufacturing Company in China. We have a wide variety of products for sale, such as Metal Buckle Dog Collar,Colorful Carabiner,S Hooks For Hanging,Threaded Stainless Steel Quick Link,Climbing Carabiners,Dog Leash Collar,Safety Chain,Jack Chain,and more.

These Function Chains are made of Good quality Stainless steel with a polished finish. Strong and durable, with no sharp edges. And These Function Chains are widely used in daily life. Such as hanging clamps, family decorating, or around luggage, bags, suitcases, purses, and fences. Perfect as a pet chain, clothes hanging chain, anchor chain, lifting chain, guardrail, anti-theft chain, jewelry making, and more.

Every item is examined by our quality control team to make sure that your purchase turns out flawless. Welcome to contact us.

Metal Buckle Dog Collar

Designer fabric is layered numerous times to create the collar. We do stand by the quality of our collars because we utilise all of our goods on members of our pet family. Since pets are members of our family, we must think about their protection. Although the collars and leashes I make by hand are sturdy, they are not unbreakable. We advise regularly inspecting your collar for wear indicators for the safety of your pet. Avoid recommending these for heavy-duty daily use or for dogs that pull a lot or are chasers.

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Colorful Carabiner

Simply put, a carabiner is a metal loop with a snap used to quickly connect components. Carabiners are designed for the fall protection industry, but there are other life hacks. Attach it to your EDC/camping/hiking backpack, hammock, camping, backpacking, handbag, keychain and use it in your daily life. Hands off! This product has countless uses, it can be used for travel, as a handle or hanger, and has dozens of uses around the house, RV, and boat, making it very practical and convenient for your daily life.

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S Hooks For Hanging

With their ready-to-use design and ability to help you organise your house, these sturdy S hooks are the ideal storage and hanging solution for the kitchen. Simply hang them on shelf supports, wall rails, or pot racks. A useful aid in space-saving so that appliances and gadgets are hung up within cabinets rather than stacked in a drawer or jammed inside of a hard-to-search container.

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Threaded Stainless Steel Quick Link

Quick links are made from heavy-duty stainless steel, stronger than galvanized steel and rust resistant, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor lock chains. High-strength steel construction carabiner keychain link has a 620 lbs working load and is ideal for key rings, chains, cables and ropes. The quick link has a thread and hex nut to ensure high security and stability. This is the best choice and the easiest way to connect chains.

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Climbing Carabiners

These heavy-duty climbing carabiners are made from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum, making them extremely durable and strong. The extremely easy-to-use twist-lock design makes this heavy-duty carabiner easy to operate with one hand. This carabiner can be easily locked with a twist of the screw. Twist in the opposite direction and then undo to unlock.

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Dog Leash Collar

Our dog leash and collar set is strong and long-lasting to fend off rust and water intrusion. It is constructed with a stronger material structure to achieve the ideal balance between long-lastingness and aesthetic appeal. Even if it is pulled, an adult cannot do it because to the superior rust-proof brass buckle and hardware.

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Safety Chain

Using safety chains when you tow is prudent, safe, and required by law, regardless of how far you want to travel—down the road or across the state. If your trailer separates from your trailer hitch, there is a significant risk of danger without safety chains attached. Use safety chains from BOHU to play it safe while also playing it wise.

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Jack Chain

Jack Chain is comprised of a thin wire with figure-eight-shaped links wrapped at 90-degree angles between one another. When strength and load-bearing capacity are secondary considerations, jack chain is frequently employed as a general or all-purpose chain. Its versatility as a general-purpose chain is unmatched, whether you're hanging decorations, potted plants, signage, lighting, or anything in between.

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Chain With TS Hook

In daily life, stainless steel link chains are frequently utilised. such as when the family is decorating, hanging clamps, or when things are close to bags, suitcases, purses, and fences. Perfect for crafting jewellery, hanging clothes, lifting objects, guardrails, anti-theft chains, hanging pets, anchor chains, and more.

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Knotted Chain

High-quality metal is used to create this knotted chain, making it sturdy and rust-resistant for your safety. Use both indoors and outdoors is the finish coat procedure. It can be used as a hanging chain for plants, fruit baskets, bird cages, mirrors, and other items as well as a decorative chain for chandeliers, front door lighting, aquarium lights, and hanging lights.

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Knotted Dog Chain

Some people worry that no one will be able to look after their adorable pals when they go for morning walks, while others worry that they will get hurt when they go shopping or travelling. If you own a dog and enjoy going for walks with it, the BOHU Metal Dog Chain with Padded Handle can make the experience more enjoyable, cosy, and practical.

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Swing Chain

The chain is composed of premium alloy steel, which is non-toxic, pollution-free, and has good toughness and corrosion resistance. appropriate for any setting. Simply fasten the spring snap hook to your preferred swings, modify the chain's length to suit your specific requirements, and then rest in the swing while admiring the lovely sundown.

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