Chain With Accessories

Chain With Accessories


Safety Chain

Using safety chains when you tow is prudent, safe, and required by law, regardless of how far you want to travel—down the road or across the state. If your trailer separates from your trailer hitch, there is a significant risk of danger without safety chains attached. Use safety chains from BOHU to play it safe while also playing it wise.

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Chain With TS Hook

In daily life, stainless steel link chains are frequently utilised. such as when the family is decorating, hanging clamps, or when things are close to bags, suitcases, purses, and fences. Perfect for crafting jewellery, hanging clothes, lifting objects, guardrails, anti-theft chains, hanging pets, anchor chains, and more.

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Boxing Bag Chain

Our Boxing Bag Chain, with its straightforward design, is ideal for heavy bag training in boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or any of your favourite contact sports, offering you the most intensive cardio and strength-building workouts. The Boxing Bag Chain is appropriate for usage both inside and outside. Excellent for hanging any other swinging equipment, including porch swings, swinging chairs, hammock chairs, and swings.

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