Pet Chain

Pet Chain


Metal Buckle Dog Collar

Designer fabric is layered numerous times to create the collar. We do stand by the quality of our collars because we utilise all of our goods on members of our pet family. Since pets are members of our family, we must think about their protection. Although the collars and leashes I make by hand are sturdy, they are not unbreakable. We advise regularly inspecting your collar for wear indicators for the safety of your pet. Avoid recommending these for heavy-duty daily use or for dogs that pull a lot or are chasers.

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Dog Leash Collar

Our dog leash and collar set is strong and long-lasting to fend off rust and water intrusion. It is constructed with a stronger material structure to achieve the ideal balance between long-lastingness and aesthetic appeal. Even if it is pulled, an adult cannot do it because to the superior rust-proof brass buckle and hardware.

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Knotted Dog Chain

Some people worry that no one will be able to look after their adorable pals when they go for morning walks, while others worry that they will get hurt when they go shopping or travelling. If you own a dog and enjoy going for walks with it, the BOHU Metal Dog Chain with Padded Handle can make the experience more enjoyable, cosy, and practical.

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