Emergency Snow Chain

Emergency Snow Chain


Searching for the Best Emergency Tire Snow Chains Manufacturers? Bohu Chain Manufacturing Company is your best choice.

Here are five types of Emergency Snow Chains for sale, such as BW Emergency Snow Chain, BH Emergency Snow Chain, ZGE Emergency Snow Chain, BB Emergency Snow Chain, and B-1 Emergency Snow Chain. These Emergency Snow Chains are Made in China with a steel construction and heavy-duty strap. This rugged design is built tough for better reliability and performance. Specially designed anti-skid emergency snow tire chains, suitable for all tire width models. 

Our Snow tire chains can be installed according to anti-skid requirements, snow tire chains with adjustable tension straps allow you to easily install the unit on the tires for adjustment. No need to remove the tires, no need to move the vehicle, and quick installation and removal in minutes. Safe to use and affordable.

BW Emergency Snow Chain

Tire snow chains are essential items in case of an emergency. If you like to travel in snowy winter, this sleigh driving car tire is a very important necessity. When encountering a runway or heavy snow, it can help your vehicle to grip the road more stably. If you like off-road when encountering muddy roads and bodies in the mud can't go. Chains allow you to get out of the mud on your own.

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BH Emergency Snow Chain

Upgrade the Automatic Tightener and Easy to Install There's no need to use any tools to install the auto's snow chains, remove the tires, and move the vehicle. You can complete the snow chain installation singly. For detailed installation way, please relate to Figure 5 or the product details and installation instructions in the product.

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ZGE Emergency Snow Chain

Snow chains are easy to install and portable, you can fit them on your tires in minutes without lifting or moving the vehicle. The car snow chain can be placed in the car at any time, it can provide you the perfect solution in many adverse weather conditions and save your car from breakdown.

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BB Emergency Snow Chain

Snow tire chains give your vehicle better traction in snow and winter. Top speed is 30 mph/50 km/h with these towing chains fitted. Chains that are more than 30% worn should not be used. When driving with a snow chain, the control effect changes. Do not brake or accelerate suddenly.

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B-1 Emergency Snow Chain

Snow Mud Chains can be installed on request with anti-slip, Snow Mud Chains with adjustable straps make attaching your gear to the tire in a snap. No need to disassemble the car cover, no need to move the car, quickly disassemble in just a few minutes. Safe to use and affordable.

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