Car Snow Chain

Car Snow Chain


Best Snow Chains For All-wheel Drive Cars for sale.

These snow chains are made of high-quality manganese steel material with nylon fastener straps, resistant to pressure and abrasion. Strong and wear-resistant, strong grip, strong ice breaking, and strong anti-skid ability providing you smoother driving. Resistant to the low temperature of minus 50 degrees Celsius, it can withstand heavier loads, the surface is galvanized, rust-proof, and anti-skid, adding to your travel safety.

Balanced and freezing point centralized design. Perfect for ice, snow, sand, mud road, climbing, and going out. Light and strong, easy to install, our snow chains are certified, and they will be able to effectively guarantee safety.

These snow chains have been re-engineered to better fit the popular tires found on today’s cars and light trucks (pick-ups and SUVs). 

4WD Series Snow Chain

The snow chain is an emergency traction aid designed for all motorists. This emergency car tire chain has high strength, good toughness, low temperature resistance -50℃ and wear resistance. Comes with a pair of gloves and a shovel to protect your hands from accidental scratches or injuries. Perfectly handling all types of road conditions, such as snow, muddy or icy roads, it can be used on most standard car and light truck tires.

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HLD Type Snow Chain

Snow chains are generally made of sword chains or rubber chains and are installed on the bus of the auto. Its principle is to concentrate the graveness of the vehicle on several points of the snow chain, induce a large pressure, roll into the ice and snow subcaste and destroy it, thereby perfecting the adhesion measure, adding the disunion force, and making the bus have enough driving force and retarding force to avoid skidding and increase the safety factor of the vehicle.

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11 Series Snow Chain

Tire chain can be quickly dismantled in 2 seconds, simple and quick installation, strong pulling force and tightening will not loosen the tire chain or leave the correct fixed position. Car/SUV tire chains are also designed with adjustable straps, which can be fitted to almost any tire to meet a variety of needs.

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HKN Type Snow Chain

Our snow chains are carburizing heat treatment, high strength, good durability, wear resistance, and growing resistance. It can repel the low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius. Translatedanti-slip patches, which effectively ameliorate theanti-slip capability.

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11M Series Snow Chain

Snow chains are installed on the drive bus of the vehicle, and must be installed on both the left and right sides. Since the installation of snow chains may increase energy consumption, and the speed can not exceed 50 kilometers( 31 long hauls) per hour, it's intended for vehicles that enter snow or icy roads rarely. In some snowy places, vehicles are generally replaced with snow tires for driving on snowy or icy roads.

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KNS Type Snow Chain

By using these snow chains, you can safely and comfortably deal with various harsh environments such as snow, ice, mud, sand, etc. to ensure your driving safety. Snow chains can be freely adjusted to fit most hubs with the exception of explosive turtle hubs.

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KN Series Snow Chain

These snow chains provide optimum power on snow and ice, in traction, acceleration, braking and cornering. Quick assembly and disassembly thanks to the updated elastic tensioner and front closure with a simple metal fastener. Only suitable for assembleable vehicles (see your vehicle's service and operation manual). Snowmobile chains can be used on ice, sand and muddy roads to add extra grip to your vehicle.

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18 Series Snow Chain

Snow chains are suitable for all kinds of bad road conditions, similar as snow, slush, climbing, and icing, and also have an irreplaceable part in skiing,cross-country, field disquisition, mountain driving other vehicle driving situations. You can fluently install and remove in a many twinkles by yourself without moving or removing a vehicle tire. erected with high- quality amalgamation sword accoutrements , it's easy to store in a bag, and transport all kinds of vehicle storehouse chambers.

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11JM Type Snow Chain

Responds effectively to different harsh environments, safe and non-slip to ensure your driving safety. After checking the road surface, the anti-chain chain is not broken or deformed. Can be used not only on runways, but also on sand, mud or climbing tracks. Manganese steel case improves grip. Hard materials and rough surfaces are mechanically analyzed and delivered to the bearing parts of the snow tire chain to fully exploit the traction performance.

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