Decorative Chain

Decorative Chain


Jack Chain

Jack Chain is comprised of a thin wire with figure-eight-shaped links wrapped at 90-degree angles between one another. When strength and load-bearing capacity are secondary considerations, jack chain is frequently employed as a general or all-purpose chain. Its versatility as a general-purpose chain is unmatched, whether you're hanging decorations, potted plants, signage, lighting, or anything in between.

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Knotted Chain

High-quality metal is used to create this knotted chain, making it sturdy and rust-resistant for your safety. Use both indoors and outdoors is the finish coat procedure. It can be used as a hanging chain for plants, fruit baskets, bird cages, mirrors, and other items as well as a decorative chain for chandeliers, front door lighting, aquarium lights, and hanging lights.

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Colorful Decor Metal Chain

Quality Colorful Decor Metal Chains can be used as belt chains, sweater chains, waist chains, key chains, hang decorations, garment accessories, or even as bag or denim chains. This colourful décor metal chain is made of a very soft metal, so it may not be strong enough to sustain really heavy beading crafts, but it makes wonderful clothing or house ornament adornment.

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Hanging Basket Chain

You can hang decorations or air plants from the Hanging Basket Chain to beautify your outdoor or indoor environment, such as plant baskets, flower pots, lanterns, wind chimes, and so forth. The Hanging Basket Chain is composed of sturdy iron, has a suspension load capacity of up to 20 pounds, and is protected against rust and oxidation by a thick, long-lasting coating of black paint.

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