Looking for Stainless Steel Boat & Aerial Rigging Hardware Manufacturers? Here it is.

We are a professional Chain Manufacturing Company, We manufacture many kinds of stainless steel boat rigging hardware, such as Ratchet Load Binder, G43 G70 Chain Connect With Lashing Belt, Clevis Forest Hook, Ship Marine Anchor Chain, Chain With Clevis Forest Hook, G80 Sliding Choke Hook and more.

They are made of two Stainless Types: Stainless Type 304, Stainless Type 316.

Stainless Type 304 - contains 18% chromium, helping it adequately resist corrosion and oxidation. While Type 304 is suitable for outdoor agricultural and construction environments, it is not ideal for saltwater and other high-chloride environments.

Stainless Type 316 - often referred to as stainless steel marine hardware. Contains 16% chromium, plus the addition of molybdenum. Molybdenum is what makes, Type 316 ideal for applications around saltwater and other high-chloride environments.

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G80 Sliding Choke Hook 

The closed die forged G80 sliding choke hook for wire rope. Consistent dimensions are produced using closed die forging. When combined with quench and tempering, a closed die-forged bow's greater cross-section increases strength and ductility. It has been demonstrated that using spare parts with close tolerance holes and superior surface finishes improves fatigue life. They are both load and fatigue rated. It has been established that tight pin-to-hole tolerance is essential for optimum fatigue life.

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Ship Marine Anchor Chain

Using a leash on any anchor is the most important part of the entire anchoring system. While some manufacturers may claim their anchor does not require a chain, decades of research and testing of the anchor have proven otherwise. These are usually lower quality anchors and are used by people rowing in kayaks or on smaller bodies of water where the force on the anchors is minimal and the use of a leash will not create a problem. make a lot of difference.

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Clevis Forest Hook

BOHU clevis hooks are heavy-duty hooks for connecting safety chains or transport binder chains. Clevis hooks meet the needs of heavy-duty chains, locking heavy loads and are ideal for securing large loads in commercial and industrial applications. It features heat-treated steel construction to ensure long-lasting wear resistance and is finished with a durable zinc coating to withstand the elements.

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Chain With Clevis Forest Hook

Constructed of high-strength steel links, this chain is protected with a durable zinc coating to resist rust and corrosion despite external elements. This chain is ready to use and comes with one pre-assembled clevis forest hook on each end. The 5/16" hook attaches easily and securely to trailer tie-down straps.

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Ratchet Load Binder

The ratchet tie carbon steel construction and long handle ensure durability and ease of use. Heat treated hooks are designed to withstand harsh field use and extreme weather conditions. Offers a higher safe working load and zinc dichromate coating provides corrosion resistance. This ratchet chain tie is strong, durable, easy to pull and easy to store.

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G43 G70 Chain Connect With Lashing Belt

Welded chains are a common type of chain used in industrial and agricultural environments. Its design makes it light and strong. Welded chains come in two varieties: carbon steel and stainless steel. Perfect for heavy duty applications.

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