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Comprehensive testing to challenge the extreme low temperature.

Comprehensive testing to challenge the extreme low temperature.

2024-06-08 13:44:10
  Comprehensive testing to challenge the extreme low temperature.
  Heilongjiang has always been a holy land of ice and snow for FAW, GM, Volkswagen, Hyundai and other auto brands to test their low-temperature performance on snow. Bohu Chain shares insists on the mission of "Escorting Global Safe Driving" and constantly breaks through the limits to make each snow chain able to face extreme cold. We believe: the more tricky the test, the more at ease the user!

  Every December, Bohu General Manager and Mechanical Engineer Enqi Zheng and his R&D team go to China's professional snow chain performance test site on ice and snow roads at -35℃ in cold areas to conduct all-round tests on Bohu snow chain products in terms of acceleration, braking, steering and control. At the same time, as the "shoes" that allow vehicles to drive safely on ice and snow roads, it is necessary to test whether it is compatible with many performances such as the electronic monitoring brake system; traction control system; vehicle anti-skid control system; drive wheel ABS anti-lock braking system; four-wheel drive, full-time four-wheel drive system, etc.

  We bear the safety responsibility for every vehicle equipped with snow chains. Only by conducting field tests under extreme road conditions can we solve practical problems.

  A 287km long test on a challenging road with equal emphasis on safety and control.
  In addition to cold zone tests, the Bohu Chain R&D team also conducts all-terrain breaking road tests on highways and non-highway roads, ramps, sand, mud, grass, swamps, winding roads, asphalt roads, cement roads, and mountain roads. Each snow chain has been tested for more than 200 kilometers in total. It can be said that Bohu Chain has tested all foreseeable road conditions to ensure safe driving under any road conditions.
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