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Lean production, intelligent manufacturing.

Lean production, intelligent manufacturing.

2024-06-08 13:48:27
  Lean production, intelligent manufacturing.
  In September 2019, we started to introduce a lean production layout and transform production equipment and management systems to achieve digital transformation and automated transformation, and comprehensively improve the company's level of information application.

  We have set up a lean production office and information center, formed a scientific research and testing team led by senior talents in the industry, and trained a large number of technical talents, so that professionals can do professional things to ensure the stability and traceability of product quality. We continue to strengthen the control of the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, integrate the ingenuity concept of excellence into every detail of production, and implement comprehensive, standardized and refined quality inspections on all products.

  In order to gradually realize the digital and automated transformation and comprehensively improve the level of information application, Bohu Chain actively transforms and introduces production equipment and management systems, continuously optimizes industrial assembly lines, production units, and work centers, and realizes intelligent manufacturing. Walking into the digital intelligent workshop of Bohu Chain you can see an automated lean production line arranged according to the product layout. From loading, cutting, transfer, casing, peeling to finished products, only 6 processes are completed in one go, and a finished product can be produced in 10 seconds. In the past, the factory produced a finished product according to the production line layout of the process, and it needed to be transferred and processed through multiple processes. Nowadays, just press the start button and the finished product can be produced from the assembly line, the production efficiency has increased by 24%, the intermediate re-products have decreased by 82%, and the production cycle has been shortened by 86%.

  In the future, Bohu Chain will further comprehensively optimize and improve the manufacturing flexibility, production efficiency, operation mechanism, and collaborative innovation of smart factories, and strive to become a demonstration site for smart manufacturing in the chain industry.

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