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High altitude testing, let the data speak for itself.

High altitude testing, let the data speak for itself.

2024-06-08 13:50:59
  High altitude testing, let the data speak for itself.
  In the journey of exploring the unknown, the magnificent scenery along the way in Tibet always attracts countless explorers. However, the harsh plateau environment such as year-round high cold, thin air, and complex road conditions also brings considerable challenges to explorers. Among these "pilgrims", there are many loyal users of Bohu Chain in order to meet the user's usage needs and improve the product experience. In 2023, Enqi Zheng general manager and mechanical engineer of Bohu Chain, and the R&D team challenged Tibet. From Lhasa with an average altitude of 3,500 meters to Yamdrok Lake at an altitude of 5,373 meters, the team members conducted a one-month full-scale performance test of acceleration, braking, steering, control, and climbing on the Bohu snow chain, and verified the durability, anti-skid, comfort and installation convenience of the snow chain, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the test results, and solving the user's mileage anxiety at high altitudes and icy and snowy roads.

  It has been proven that Bohu snow chains have superior performance in all aspects and are effectively compatible with electronic monitoring brake systems, traction control systems, vehicle anti-skid control systems, drive wheel ABS anti-lock braking systems, and full-time four-wheel drive systems.

  The curling smoke, the circling vultures, the whispered pious wishes, all of these constitute the faith of the Tibetans. And along the way, BOHU Chain has always adhered to the mission of "Escorting Safe Driving Around The World" and pursuing safety and comfort in extreme environments. Through the plateau challenge limit test, we create a more convenient snow chain product suitable for plateau use. Even if it is a 0.001 improvement, it may be a leap forward for China's smart manufacturing. After going through extreme environment tests, we have continuously polished out stable, durable and reliable snow chains, which is the foundation of Bohu Chain.

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